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25 Bucket List Ideas For Couples

I love a good bucket list!

There are so many different experiences you can have your life time, but the best ones are spent with your partner!

Doing things with your partner only give you two a much stronger bond, you get to know each other a tiny bit more and so many different ways

Therefore i have created a whole bucket list just for couples

I get fed up with reading other peoples bucket list where it is all around doing things by yourself, such as:

Travel Solo

Go to the cinema by yourself

Go to a restaurant by yourself


What is the fun in that?

I find this exciting as i get to try some of these out too 😀

Remember, in the comments go tell me what ones you would like to try and if there are any more that should be added to the bucket list!


Bucket List Ideas For Couples

Share a kiss underwater

Take part in a tandem bungee jump

Do a Lady and the tramp, spaghetti kiss

Have a Ketchup Fight

Build a pillow fort

Work together at the same job for a little while (not permanently)

Make a time capsule

Start a tradition together

Re-create a photo at the same place you took it a year ago

Binge watch a TV series together

Have a picnic

Have sex in every room of the house

Cook a meal together

Sing a karaoke duet

Go exploring together

Take a bubble bath together

Join the mile high club

Go skinny dipping

Re-create your first date

Kiss in the rain

Wear matching outfits for a day

Make a scrapbook

Create a handshake

Start a hobby together

Go on a double date

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