I love a good list of things to do before a certain time, it gives me motivation to get started!

I have also created a 30 Things to do before you turn 30 bucket list, check it out here:

I have decided to give you 50 bucket list things to do before you die in case you need more time to get things done or you are over 30! ha ha

In the comments, go tell me what ones are your favourite and will be added to your bucket list!

KyraBlogger, 50 Bucket List Things To Do before you die
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50 Bucket List Things To Do Before You DIE


Swim with sharks

Sky Dive

Live in another country or city

Skinny dip

Go on roller coasters

Learn a new language

Quit the job you hate

Impulsive holiday booking


Try foreign food

Stay up all day and night

Get food at 3am with friends

Bungee jump

Get black out drunk

Give your dream job a try

Make a hard copy photo album of all your best memories

Have sex in public/outside

Get into the habit of drinking a lot of water

Buy some designer clothes/accessories

Go to a concert

Random act of kindness for a stranger

Go to a festival

Learn to drive

Apply for a game show/ TV show

Get a tattoo

Learn to play an instrument

Go on a bender

Learn to cook at least one meal well

Skip work, school or anything to go on a random day out

Get the train to somewhere random and walk around

Start a business

Go on a date with someone not your usual type

Try a drug (only where it is legal and don’t go over the top)

Create your own cocktail

Go to an ice bar

Take a lesson in something extreme such as flying a plane

Take a helicopter ride

Go abroad

Eat out at a fancy restaurant

Read and finish a big book

Learn to swim

Get a job somewhere bizarre

Ride a horse

Go on a submarine

Scuba dive

Go on a boat

Travel somewhere solo

Create a bucket list

Complete your bucket list

I hope you enjoyed this Bucket list!

KyraBlogger, 50 Bucket List Things To Do before you die

Comment down below your thoughts on this bucket list and any ideas you would add to it!

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