I love tattoos!

Tattoos are just so addictive

I know that because i have 3 so far myself.

I remember when i got my first one, my mum was meant to pay for it but in the end i paid for it myself and she told my that she would pay for my second one and i was like ” second one? i only want one!”

My mum then went on to explain how addictive they are, in which i didn’t believe at all!

So yeah, i now have 3 and am looking CONSTANTLY for more!

The thing is, you can only get one tattoo in a certain place and i always think that i want, for example, a palm tree on my wrist but then what if i want a flamingo in the same place too?????

It’s difficult.. but totally worth it in the end 🙂

So today i will be showing you some of my favourite small tattoos for women.

Make sure to tell me what one of these tattoo ideas is your favourite in the comments!

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kyrablogger tattoo ideas
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Thanks for reading!

small tattoo ideas for women

What were your favourite simple tattoos ideas out of this selection?

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