We all love a good travel Instagram page

It is either good for inspiration for your own travel destination ideas or what sort of poses you are going to try next

Or maybe just the fact you can’t afford to go travelling so it fun to watch others go on their travels!

I follow a lot Instagram travel pages myself so i thought it would be a great idea to give you a list of the best ones i have found! 😀

One: TravelGoneWild

This page is a compilation of everyones travel photos. I like it because everyones travel photos are different so on this page you get to see a variety of different types and all the people get tagged so if you like a certain photo, you can then click the link to go to their page!

Two: LucyInTheSskyy

Lucias photos just have that fresh fun feel to them and have a really nice aesthetic.

Three: Travel_ust

These guys are a couple and honestly their pictures are so cute!

They get up to so much and visit the most amazing places.

Four: Jacob

I have followed him for a looooong time and have always enjoyed his content.

Jacobs pictures are a little different to the others as they focus more on the photography of the landscapes but i still really enjoy looking at all the different beautiful places he visits!

Five: Saltyluxe

Sarah is a new person i have just started following and i love her big smile!

Her pictures are the sort to brighten up your day as she seems so happy in every upload I LOVE IT!

6. @ivo

7. @traveloveroma

8. @callia_m

9. @haylsa

10. @travel_inhershoes

11. @samkolder

Thanks for reading!

Make sure to go give all these pages some love, they deserve it!

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